Growing vertically can make a difference.

A solution to rising demands for food, climate change and limited natural resources.


Egreen Farming Solutions (EGFS) is a research and development company which supplies innovative and sustainable solutions in controlled environments for the professional horticultural sector.

Our vision

EGFS specializes in developing advanced crop production technologies and solutions.

Our team of plant technologists, biotechnologists, and engineers works in-house to create innovative hardware and software solutions. Leveraging this expertise, we customize standard modules to meet individual user requirements, ensuring top-tier yields and consistent quality for our customers.

We also offer comprehensive support, including training, operational assistance, and continuous technological updates.

Our researchers conduct tailored experiments and provide custom growing recipes to match your crop preferences, be it color, taste, vitamins, or oil content.

Collaborating with esteemed agricultural research centers, we serve as an R&D hub, facilitating knowledge transfer, training, and university connections.

Our mission

Let’s make vertical farming great again!

Our purpose is clear: to shape the future of agriculture through innovation, sustainability, and expertise in vertical farming. Let’s cultivate a greener, more productive world together. Sustainability is at the core of our philosophy: We understand the importance of responsible farming practices, and our solutions are designed to minimize resource consumption and waste production. By harnessing the power of technology, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future for agriculture.